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RosTech llc.

Founded by the Rosas Family, RosTech is dedicating its services to all businesses looking to enhance productivity and lower overhead cost by implementing innovative technologies that give businesses a competitive edge. 

Our company specializes and all Automation technologies.

Robotics, AI, Preventive Maintenance, Custom Software, Programing, Digital Presence, Augmented Reality, IoT, Drones, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Autonomous Vehicles, Automated Material Handling, Assembly Lines, Production lines & Robotic Process Automation Set Ups.

We are the leading edge business partner & automation consultants you have been looking for.

Let us help you implement | integrate these technologies in your existing business.

Our Team
Abiud R,
President | CTO

| Phone: 602-677-7696

Robotics & AI Implementation Expert with over 8 years of experience in the field of integrating automation technologies to industrial centers. Projects include Assembly Lines, Clean Rooms, Machine Tending, Aerospace applications, transportation, automated storage, 3D printing, IoT, Custom Machinery & OEM Production Lines.

Irving R.
Industrial Engineer

| Phone: 602-633-4128

PLC, Software & Controls Engineer, Irving Specializes in the programming, integration, and implementation of any industrial or commercial application. Specialties include: Allen Bradley controls, Siemens, Project Managing, Software Development, CAD, 3D Design, IoT & Micro Controls,  

Roger S,
Automation Systems Engineer

| Phone: 602-575-6976

Rogers Specialty comes from the Semi-Conductor industry and working with specialized equipment for MicroChip Development. Roger has worked with Intel, Texas instruments, Avnet, AMD & SnapDragon Manufactures. Specialties include:

Programing, Digital Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Controls, Software Development, Robotics & Motion Controls

Alex R.
Sales Director | VP

| Phone: 602-989-4383

Business Major with a specialty in business development, business strategy, technology implementation, and business workflow. Alex is a business strategist that helps with Sales Teams, Marketing, Software implementation, Usage and productivity assessments. Sales driven to provide the best customer experience and provide a long-lasting relationship in which you can count on. 

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